What is Working Hero?

Working Hero aims to solve one of the industry's most pressing problems inhibiting growth: finding fresh talent and attracting young professionals.
It is a movement called to life by BAU which tells fascinating stories from the construction machinery industry and focuses on people who master everyday challenges.
By telling real, authentic stories we inspire people beyond the industry to start their career in the construction machinery business.

Impact on businesses

Your role in Working Hero

Our marketing package is precisely tailored to your target groups. Our audience consits of high quality B2B data from our international BAU network.
Digital Marketing Package
[We conceptualize an individual digital marketing campaign for you based on your marketing goals., Our data allows us to reach your target group anywhere online., Each campaign comes with guaranteed reach!]
Content Production
[Development of your own personal Working Hero episode, Expertise of TV/Branded Entertainment professionals]

Let's tell amazing hero stories together.

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