The video story of your company – told by us, intriguing for your customers.

Reach key decision makers with data-driven video storytelling.

Working Hero is Messe München's effective new digital-marketing channel. Marketing professionals use Working Hero to send important marketing messages about their company, products or services in a targeted and data-driven manner to sought-after B2B target groups (purchasing decision makers and specialists). more... With high-quality, excitingly staged video content. With minimal coordination effort, in full-service packages and at an attractive fixed price. Working Hero uses the rich database of Messe München and guarantees effective coverage.

Seven good reasons to include Working Hero in your marketing toolkit.

Reach C-Level to Young Profes­sionals digitally.

Reach potential purchasing decision makers effectively in digital networks, exactly where your B2B target groups inform themselves.

World leading trade fair as endorser.

With Working Hero, the world's leading trade fair for your industry acts as a neutral sender. This strengthens the credibility and increases the attention of your brand message.

Reach industry target groups effectively.

Finally get a more effective communication channel for reaching certain target audiences in your industry.

Go digital – without prior experience.

Tap into the potential of new digital B2B networks, even if you lack extensive experience and prior know-how.

Your message, told in an exciting way.

Tell exciting stories about your company and its new technologies, products and services.

Recommend your company to professionals.

Get a target audience-oriented channel for high-demand up-and-comers in your industry. Here you can position your company as an attractive place to work.

Invite visitors to your booth.

Spark interest in your company and its new products and services leading up to trade fairs and invite visitors to your booth.


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Data-driven storytelling in five easy steps.

  1. Step 1

    Do the „Hero-Check“.

    In a well-structured initial discussion with experienced video journalists, we identify and tease out a potential hero story for your company, whether it’s about an exciting new product or service or about building awareness of your company among talented professionals as a potential employer. Within a few days, you’ll receive a treatment – a first sketch of your personal hero video.

  2. Step 2

    Choose your hero package.

    Like the video idea? Great. Now choose the Working Hero package that best suits your business targets and opportunities. Our all-inclusive packages include production of high-quality video content and targeted placement that’s guaranteed to reach your B2B audience at an attractive fixed price.

  3. Step 3

    Specify your target group.

    Together with our consultants, you set the objectives of your Working Hero campaign and decide which target audience you want to reach. Working Hero has access to Messe München’s unique database as well as to the latest data-driven ad-targeting technologies. This allows your video to effectively reach your target audience.

  4. Step 4

    Play your channels.

    Use high-quality Working Hero video content, such as trailers and social media clips (if part of your package) in your own channels, beyond the Working Hero campaign.

  5. Step 5

    Track your performance.

    Thanks to the dashboard, included in your package, you can track your Working Hero campaign in real time. See exactly how many decision makers you’ve reached to date with Working Hero.

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Stories told by Working Hero. The most popular hero stories.

See how other companies use Working Hero.

A hero package for everyone.

Working Hero is a cutting-edge B2B marketing tool wrapped up in convenient all-inclusive packages. It’s data-driven storytelling for companies. At a fixed price, guaranteed.

Find your hero package now ...

A selection of all-inclusive hero packages are available for your benefit. Each includes both the concept creation and production of exclusive hero video content as well as its distribution to specified B2B target audiences.

Which package is right for your objectives, needs, and budget? Use our hero-package finder list to find out fast

  • Conception and production by experienced TV and cinema experts
  • Distribution of social-media-clip to your b2b target group through cross-channel (online and offline), specific distribution via paid and organic, incl all required performance media
  • User-defined, real-time dashboard
  • Guaranteed reach
  • Duration of the Working Hero campaign
  • Guaranteed CPM cost per thousand impressions
  • Package price per month

For a more detailed comparison table of our hero-packages, please click on the button below.


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How video storytelling will improve your B2B campaign:

Marketing decision makers love Working Hero.

Working Hero - the modern way to play a leading role in your industry.

The Working Hero team works together closely with leading trade fairs held at Messe München. Your video and its message reach your target audience with a letter of recommendation from the relevant trade fair. The result: The undivided attention your marketing message deserves.


These companies have already written hero stories.

Here’s a taste of some companies that are already profiting from Working Hero.

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