What is Working Hero?

Working Hero makes B2B communication emotional and passionate! In order to cut through the noise in today’s message heavy world, brand need differentiating means of communication in order to stand out from the crowd.
Whether you want to present your products and services in a never-seen-before format or attract target groups outside of the industry like young professionals, Working Hero tells your story in an emotional and captivating way.

See why industry leaders choose Working Hero for their communication

Working Hero makes B2B communication emotional and passionate

Transform your B2B marketing communication!

they want to reach the next level in B2B marketing communication and tell passionate brand stories that make viewers say “wow”
they aim to drive brand awareness among target groups like young professionals which requires powerful, credible messaging in the right channels
they want to stand out from the competition and differentiate themselves through emotional communication formats

Start your own Working Hero episode!

You’ll get:
Marketing Package
Make sure your content reaches the right audience! Your digital marketing campaign promotes your content among bauma target groups and guarantees reach.
Content Production
Your very own episode and trailer written and produced by Branded Entertainment professionals

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